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    Business Interruption Insurance

    Business interruption insurance - help to calculate the cover you need

    When it comes to protecting your business success, there can be much more to it than just insuring physical assets and protecting employees and members of the public.

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    Maintaining your business operations or having the cash flow to make payments for remedial work after a major incident all require the right level of business interruption insurance cover. This cover aims to return your business to the same trading position as if the incident or loss had not occurred.

    According to the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, 40% of businesses with business interruption policies are underinsured, which demonstrates just how difficult it can be to work out how much cover is needed and set the right sum insured.

    While many businesses probably understand the need for business interruption insurance, the level of cover required to maintain their operations is commonly underestimated and can lead to problems associated with underinsurance.

    Anthony Jones, in partnership with Zurich, can provide you with a business interruption calculation to help you avoid underinsurance. Working together, using the calculator tool, we can help to pinpoint the business accounting and operational factors that need to be considered in working out the right level of business interruption insurance cover.

    While the calculator gives a guide rather than a definitive final figure, it will help you to assess the business interruption sum more accurately and avoid the risk of underinsurance.

    If you do a business interruption insurance calculation with us either before or within three months of your policy starting, we will give you a 10% discount on your business interruption insurance premium. This discount is provided in recognition that your sum insured and subsequent premium may be higher than expected.

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