Mixed Van & Car Fleet

Getting the right mixed van and car fleet insurance and support has never been more important, given the multitude of legislative, financial and social factors impacting commercial vehicle fleet operator costs.

Mixed Fleet Insurance

Your mixed commercial motor fleet insurance is designed to keep you on the move, no matter what happens. This can cover:

  • Cover for fire and theft
  • Accidental damage to a commercial vehicle in your mixed fleet
  • Tools and equipment cover
  • Accommodation expenses in the event of a breakdown


Minimising Risk for Your Mixed Fleet

Irrespective of the size of your mixed fleet, we work with you to minimise and manage risk as well as meeting your legal obligations. We will work with you to:

  • Look at the practices and procedures within your organisation to understand and manage risk.
  • Minimise exposure to your organisation from a regulatory perspective
  • Understand and reduce the real risk of imprisonment for both your driver involved in a fatal road traffic collision, as well as others within your organisation.

Read more about some of the fleet risk management solutions you can access with us.

You will also find it useful to read our guide on road safety tips and facts:

 We are also able to offer Fleet GAP cover. Watch this short podcast and read this leaflet on Fleet Gap cover to find out more. Alternatively you can watch this short film for more information:

Why You Need the Right Mixed Fleet Insurance Cover

Getting the right mixed fleet insurance cover is more important than ever. Insurance premiums are rising, rapidly for those fleet customers unfortunate to have suffered claims or with insurers less experienced in providing sustainable risk transfer over longer periods.

There are a number of reasons for this including:

  • Claims frequency is increasing off the back of claims management companies
  • Severity of personal injury costs
  • Claims cost inflation for third party property damage and own damage – increased technology in commercial vehicles and the exchange rate having an impact on parts and labour costs
  • Claims culture, particularly around whiplash and credit hire

Make sure you have mixed fleet insurance experts on your side to help you overcome these challenges.

Immediate Representation and Support

To protect your driver’s interests and your organisation you must ensure legal representation is available immediately. We are partnered with DAC Beachcroft Motor Prosecutions team to make sure this happens. The team has a formidable reputation defending the most serious motoring offences, both with criminal prosecutions and the appropriate advice around the inevitable civil claim and insurance considerations.

Watch our short film to find out more about what happens if someone in your business is involved in a serious road traffic accident:

Need more

Please call John Donaghy or the team on 020 8290 9099 to see how we can help you with your mixed commercial motor fleet insurance. Alternatively, you can email us at cm@anthonyjones.com

“Having worked with many different Insurance Brokers over the years we were so happy to find a partner in Anthony Jones. It’s not just about finding the best deal (they do!) but also about finding the best fit in terms of insurer for your business.

From claims reporting stats to quarterly review meetings Anthony Jones work with us to keep on top of our claims and help to mitigate our losses and manage our fleet. Steve and his team are available anytime for advice, however small or irrelevant, and couldn’t be more helpful, it genuinely feels like you are dealing with friends or colleagues.

We have entrusted Anthony Jones to look after our Insurance needs for the past two years and we hope to continue doing so for many more.

It’s hard to find a broker, or insurer, that you can trust and rely on and with Anthony Jones we are always guaranteed to have both.”

Darren Walne
Operations Director
3rd Party Logistics

Simple Early Claims Process

We have a simple online form so that you can report accidents in your mixed fleet to us quickly.

As premium pressures continue to build quickly alongside Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), mixed commercial motor fleet customers must remain focused on early notification of a collision. Timeliness and quality of that notification play a critical part on how effectively the claim can be managed.

Why Should Mixed Fleets Fit Dashcams?

If you don’t have dashcams fitted in all of the vehicles in your mixed fleet, watch this short film and you’ll understand why they are invaluable in the event of a road traffic accident.

Choosing the Right Mixed Fleet Insurance Partner

Premium reductions or at least stability in charges are increasingly difficult to obtain even where the claims experience and attitudes to risk management are favourable.

Gone are the days when insurance brokers found insurers climbing over themselves to underwrite mixed commercial motor fleets regardless of the quality of the risk or the broker.

Our capability in the mixed fleet market is highly regarded by our customers and the insurers we trust to protect businesses. Never has it been more critical to choose an experienced motor fleet broker, such as Anthony Jones.

Take a virtual tour of our stand at the Commercial Motor Show online:


Some of our most asked questions, answered below:

HGV Medical: What is Involved & When Is It Due?

At Anthony Jones we have created an online resource to answer your questions at your convenience. Simply browse a category to find FAQs relating to that section.

When would I need Commercial Vehicle insurance rather than Car insurance?

If you have a company and have vehicles that you use within the business, then you need Commercial Vehicle insurance. The vehicles you own might include those which are obviously commercial vehicles, such as lorries, vans and forklift trucks. But company cars are also classed as commercial vehicles and should be covered by Commercial Vehicle insurance. Private car insurance will not include cover for company-owned cars.

When would I need Fleet insurance rather than Multi-Car insurance?

Multi-Car insurance can be used to cover a number of privately-owned cars used for personal use, perhaps incorporating a bit of business use, such as commuting, too. However, Multi-Car insurance can’t be used to cover company cars. For this, you’ll need Fleet insurance. If you want to insure fewer than 5 or 6 company cars or other commercial vehicles, you can protect them with a Mini-Fleet insurance policy.

What is Goods in Transit insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance (GIT insurance for short) is also often referred to as Cargo insurance. As the name suggests, this insurance covers goods (which includes everything from food to furniture, building supplies to cars, and machinery parts to animals) which are being transported from one place to another. Goods in Transit insurance protects your goods in case they are damaged or lost while they are being transported by road, air, rail or sea.

What can I use my van for with temporary van insurance?

With temporary van insurance, it will depend on the usage you select, but as standard, you will be covered for social, domestic and pleasure use. This includes to and from various places of work and for the carriage of your own goods in connection with your business. Please be aware there is no cover for any goods carried in or on the vehicle, so you'll need a separate policy to cover those goods.

What types of work can I use my van for with a temporary van insurance policy?

There are some types of work that are allowed and some that are not.

Types of work that are generally permitted:

  • Tradesman/Tradeswoman
  • Office worker
  • Dog walker

Types of work that are not permitted:

  • Taxi use or commercial travelling of any kind
  • Hire & Reward
  • Use in connection with the motor trade
  • Use to carry hazardous or dangerous goods



Vanessa Mead
Vanessa Mead
10:00 17 Jan 24
Ed Tatham
Ed Tatham
15:09 11 Jan 24
wendy plant
wendy plant
10:10 01 Dec 23
I have been a client of Anthony Jones for 20+years. All the Advisors are experts in all areas of Insurance. The Advisors are very professional, helpful, cheerful, and caring. They make life easy when it comes to dealing with Insurance.
Leo G.
Leo G.
20:30 31 Oct 23
Best brokers !
Gail Proud
Gail Proud
21:39 10 Oct 23
Thank you for making insurance both Motor and Household stress free.
michael bentley
michael bentley
08:19 25 Sep 23
Very happy for many years, formerly dealing with Bob Chapman, Rose and Claire. Very friendly, very competitive quotes.
Colin Lee
Colin Lee
09:20 12 Sep 23
Joe and Mark are a credit to their profession. Thank you very much for your professionalism and the honest way that you conduct business.
Jed Lowe
Jed Lowe
16:06 07 Jul 23
…. Walked the extra mile including taking call on day off to sort out a mess caused by previous broker … can’t thank Bo and Tom enough ….
William Tracy
William Tracy
08:10 02 Jul 23
I have my Public Liability insurance with Anthony Jones. Tom Cowap normally deals with all my queries and renewal. I have found this company to be very helpful and polite and have dealt with my inquiries and renewal's quickly. Tom has always been really helpful.
Vapourlites Ltd
Vapourlites Ltd
13:43 11 May 23
Professional and efficient, first class service provided
Louise Burton
Louise Burton
13:46 21 Apr 23
I have worked with this company and Joe Penny for many years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Would Highly recommend Joe to anyone
lucy barham
lucy barham
09:09 21 Apr 23
Anthony Jones have have taken care of our commercial and fleet insurance needs for years. I have recently renewed our commercial & Liability insurance and trust that Joe Penny (account handler) understands our business and always strives to get the best rates and policy for us. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Ben Doughty
Ben Doughty
19:08 23 Oct 22
Steve @ Anthony Jones has been servicing our business for years and has always provided the best service I could ask for from a broker. Very responsive, great communication and a great company and individual to do business with. Does what is expected and more. Thanks
Louise Evans
Louise Evans
22:44 09 Aug 22
I use Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers annually for my home and contents policy. Sharon is always great to deal with, responsive, professional and found me a great deal. Really happy with my policy and will continue to use Anthony Jones in the future.
Amy LH
Amy LH
19:19 19 Jul 22
I have been a client of Anthony Jones for over 10 years as the broker for the buildings & associated insurances for our freehold property of 3 flats. For the last 6 years I have dealt with Tom Cowap who is always highly efficient, professional and easy to deal with. He really went above and beyond this year when he found the existing policy had stopped covering flood risk and that the alternatives offered a significant increase in premium on the previous year. He didn't involve me until he'd found policies which offered the right cover, but with a reasonable premium and it was genuinely surprising that he didn't try to sell me the more expensive option. I can't imagine wanting to move to a different broker in future because of this great service. Thanks Tom!
Stu Matson
Stu Matson
15:06 01 Jul 22
We have dealt with Tony and Steve for a few years now and are always so pleased with their service, patience and support in helping us get the insurance plans required for our outdoor events. I really couldn't recommend highly enough.
Arif Ali
Arif Ali
11:47 19 May 22
Bo has helped with the review and renewal of our Property Owners insurance for the last few years. I have found Bo very helpful and professional and would certainly recommend her to others. Kind regards.
Olga Bradley
Olga Bradley
16:28 11 Apr 22
Tom was very helpful, and very patient during the whole process of finding me a qoute for public Liability insurance. He helped make the whole process much easier for me. I would use his service again in the future.
Keith Rossiter
Keith Rossiter
18:42 28 Mar 22
Very efficient and friendly service. Competitive prices.
12:09 14 Mar 22
We have used Anthony Jones in excess of twenty five years. Always find them helpful and efficient, and they are able to get us the best costs for our insurance policies.
Brian Sealey
Brian Sealey
15:39 14 Feb 22
I dealt with a bloke called Joe Penny. From the minute we starting speaking he explained everything to me, explained all the ins and outs of the insurance. He made me feel at ease straight away. I would definitely recommend him if your looking for vape shop insurance. Cheers Joe will be back in touch when it’s time for renewal 👍
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson
12:36 16 Nov 20
I wrote the following two years ago. Since then, I have continued to receive great service from the team at Anthony Jones - they are courteous & very effective, a pretty good combination for an insurance broker!"I chair a campaign to save our local pub. We launched a share sale and succeeded in buying the Crown a few days ago, so we needed help in selecting the right insurance for the site whilst renovations were under way, including unoccupied property cover. Tony Ellis of Anthony Jones Insurance was really helpful in guiding us through this process, and we now have the correct cover in place. Fast, easy to deal with & knowledgeable - just what you need from your insurance broker! Well done Tony and all at A Jones."
Irene Sauer
Irene Sauer
12:04 31 Aug 20
Excellent service.
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