Personal Claims

Organising insurance is what we do. Delivering an effective claims service is what you expect.

How to Make a Claim

Often the fastest way to resolve a household or motor claim is to get in direct contact with your insurance company. As soon as you have reported the claim your insurer can start the process of putting you back to the position you were in before the loss occurred. With motor claims this could be the appointment of an approved repairer; with a household claim this could be arranging for a suitable contractor, such as a locksmith or glazier, to make repairs.

We’re confident that most of the time you’ll be impressed with the service you get from your insurer. But occasionally you may want to check that what you’re being told is correct or want to know the best way to resolve an issue. If you find yourself in this position please do contact our claims team to put your mind at rest.

How to Contact Your Insurer

ABC Insurance

Car insurance: 0800 633 5430

Home insurance: 0800 633 5814


Car insurance: 0345 122 3018

Home insurance: 0345 122 3019


Car insurance: 0345 600 0676

Home insurance: 0345 073 1114

AXA Insurance

Car insurance:  0330 024 1305

Home insurance:  0330 024 8086

Chubb Insurance

Car and home insurance: 0800 018 0678

Covea Insurance

Car insurance: 0330 024 2240

Home insurance: 0330 024 2255

Highway Insurance
ERS Syndicate Management

Van insurance: 0345 602 3389

Motor fleet insurance: 0345 609 1235

P J Hayman & Co Ltd

Travel insurance: 02392 419 070


Caravan insurance: 08003 081 353

Motorhome insurance: 08003 081 354

Sterling Insurance Co Ltd

Home insurance: 0330 134 8186

Travel insurance: 01623 645 308


Car insurance: 0800 408 0991

Home insurance: 0800 026 1751

Talk to our claims team

The Anthony Jones claims team are here to help make the claims process as easy as possible for you. They are in the office during the week from 9am to 5pm. Contact either:

Liz Tibble on 020 8290 9085 or email her at

Jay Dalgliesh on 020 8290 9085 or email him at

If you need to ask a question in relation to an existing claim outside of these hours, then please get in touch with your insurer direct.