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    Goods in Transit insurance

    Taking care of goods on the move

    At Anthony Jones we understand the importance of transporting goods from A to B safely and securely. This is true not just for businesses directly working within the Transport and Logistics sector, but also for all businesses manufacturing and selling products. Many businesses rely on parts arriving safely for the smooth running of their production lines and also for the safe despatch of finished goods.

    Goods that are lost, stolen or damaged in transit can impact a business’s profitability and even their long-term viability.


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    Who needs Goods in Transit insurance?

    If your business relies on moving goods from one location to another, whether that’s shipping in parts you need for products you manufacture or sell, or transporting finished goods to customers, you’ll need Goods in Transit (or GIT) insurance.

    It’s your responsibility to ensure goods arrive at their destination in one piece and, if they are lost, stolen or damaged while they are being transported, you will be liable for the cost. Goods in Transit insurance will provide you with the financial protection and peace of mind if something happens to your goods while they are on the move.

    What does Goods in Transit insurance cover?

    Goods in Transit insurance covers your liability for goods or products that are lost, damaged (either maliciously or accidentally) or stolen while they are being transported or stored immediately beforehand. Damage could be caused by:

    • Loading or unloading
    • Weather
    • Piracy
    • Infestation
    • Theft
    • Or other factors resulting in damage

    Insurance can cover goods in transit in the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

    As a result of General Average, if you don’t have Goods in Transit insurance, you could find yourself liable for the damage or loss of goods that don’t belong to you. Even if your goods survive transportation, you could be liable to recompense others who lost their goods when they were abandoned to protect the transport vessel.

    Why Anthony Jones?

    Anthony Jones have been in the business of insuring Goods in Transit since we were established back in 1984. That means we have a wealth of experience in the Transport and cargo sector. We pride ourselves on both our specialist knowledge and the strong relationships we’ve formed with insurers over this time, which gives us considerable weight and leverage in the market.

    We believe we go the extra mile for our customers and their feedback is testament to this.


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    Please call Kelly Yakinthou, Samantha Miles, Abbie Lineker or the team on 020 8290 9099 to see how we can help you with your Goods in Transit insurance. Alternatively, you can email us at

    “I have worked with Steve and his team @ Anthony Jones over the last 15 years. They have always provided a very professional/honest first class brokering service, giving confidence that we are getting the best price/service. I would recommend without question.”

    Aaron Pilcher, Director, Infinity Container Logistics