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    Get the right haulage fleet insurance at the best price available with expert help and guidance from haulage fleet insurance brokers, Anthony Jones.


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    What Does Haulage Fleet Insurance Cover?

    You need haulage fleet insurance to cover the risks your haulage fleet faces every day. You’ll need to make sure your goods are covered and, in some cases, your HGVs and other commercial vehicles too. We will work with you to help you understand the cover you need.

    We’ll help you with a bespoke haulage fleet insurance solution to match your needs, which might include:

    • Fire and theft damage
    • Accidental damage to a vehicle or your entire haulage fleet
    • The contents of your HGVs or damage to goods in transit
    • Expenses incurred by your haulage drivers if one of your fleet breaks down
    • Costs incurred by the delayed delivery of goods

    What Haulage Fleet Cover do I Need?

    Specialist haulage fleet insurance is essential to cover the individual needs and challenges of the haulage industry. We will evaluate what you need to keep your hauliers running day to day, and how you can make sure you have every eventuality covered.

    We can also work together to find out what extras you might need or want for your haulage fleet. This might include:

    • Breakdown cover: this can be extended to include overseas cover
    • Goods in transit: covering loss or damage to any of the goods you’re transporting
    • Windscreen cover: Fast repair or replacement if a windscreen suffers damage
    • Liability: Get cover for any injury to your employees, hauliers or members of the public
    • Storage of goods: If your goods need storing or warehousing, get these costs covered

    Expert Advice to Reduce Your Haulage Fleet Risk

    At Anthony Jones, we’ve been working with the haulage industry for over 30 years. As an experienced specialist haulage fleet insurance broker, we’re not only here to find you the best deal, we can help you to reduce the risks you face.

    We know what will reduce your risk and how to present your business and your processes to insurers. We can help you build new processes such as:

    • Risk assessment tools and plans
    • Post-accident activities
    • Driver and maintenance training
    • Planning use of telematics and cameras 

    We’ve prepared this motor safety guide to help haulage drivers in their approach to risk management:

    Motor Safety Guide

    Read more about some of the fleet risk management solutions you can access with us.

    We are also able to offer Fleet GAP cover. Read this leaflet on Fleet GAP cover and watch this short podcast to find out more. Alternatively, you can watch this short video for more information:


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    Have a Haulage Fleet Insurance Expert on Your Side

    We have extensive experience working with a range of insurance providers throughout the industry and can get you the haulage fleet insurance cover you need at the best deal available.

    We’ll help you manage risk and meet your legal obligations as well as make sure you have support when you have to deal with a claim.

    We’re partnered with DAC Beachcroft, who have a specialist motor prosecutions team, available if you or one of your drivers is involved in a serious road traffic accident.

    Watch our short films to find out more about what happens if someone in your business is involved in a serious road traffic accident:

    Make a Haulage Fleet Claim Quickly and Easily

    With a haulage fleet, we know you’ll need a quick and easy claims process.

    Just use our simple online form so you can report any accidents or incidents to us easily and hassle-free.


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    Why Anthony Jones?

    Anthony Jones has over 30 years’ experience in the commercial vehicle and haulage sector and has built up significant expertise over this time. We have a dedicated commercial motor team who deal with the needs of individual HGV owner operators as well as those running small and large fleets of HGVs and haulage vehicles.

    Take a virtual tour of our stand at the Commercial Motor Show online:


    Please call Dave Godfrey or the team on 020 8290 9099 to see how we can help you with your haulage fleet insurance. Alternatively, you can email us at

    “Anthony Jones delivers confidence; both in the people we deal with and in the insurance they put in place. We consistently get value from our investment and their experts in our respective fields bring respect, honesty and realism. This frees me to get on with developing our business and building a market leading company knowing our risk and claims management is in safe hands.”

    Alan McNicol, Executive Financial Director Maritime Transport