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    FAQs - Cyber insurance

    Do I need Cyber insurance?

    Most businesses rely on their IT systems and online assets to some extent and should consider protecting themselves against cyber attacks with Cyber Liability insurance.

    What does Cyber insurance cover?

    Cyber insurance covers your business’s online and IT system assets. The protection it provides can be tailored to include:

    • The loss or corruption of data or software
    • Ransomware, where cyber criminals threaten to damage systems or release data unless a ransom is paid
    • Electronic or IT equipment theft
    • Costs associated with cyber crime, whether that’s customer communications or PR expertise required for reputational issues
    • Business interruption costs associated with IT downtime.

    What is Cyber insurance?

    Cyber insurance covers anything to do with the internet and online risks. Common examples include data breaches and IT system hacks.