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Would your pub or restaurant recover if it suffered a major loss?

Aug 1, 2016

What would you do if your business suffered a major incident that prevented you from trading for a while? It takes a lot of work to build up trade for your restaurant, café or pub and there’s often intense competition for customers and reputation. How would you cope if you were unfortunate enough to have a major fire or a flood, storm damage or another unexpected event?

40% of businesses are under insured

It is widely acknowledged within the Risk Management industry and Loss Adjusters community that 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster and nearly 30% are not trading after two years. Add to this a view that 40% of businesses don’t have enough insurance cover and you can see the scale of the problem.

Buying property and business interruption insurance that accurately meets your needs is critical. All meaningless of course unless you suffer a loss. It may not have happened to you, but chances are you are aware of a friend or a competitor who has had such an experience.

As a broker we always ask customers what you would do if you had a major loss. The answer often starts with words like “we would just do …” But rarely does the phrase “we would just” actually reflect the reality of getting a business back up and running.

Make sure your pub or restaurant has the right cover at the right level

At Anthony Jones we are very focused on helping customers to understand the value of what they are buying around property protection, maintaining income after a loss and how to get back up and running. There is little point in buying insufficient cover or not fully understanding the process of recovering from a loss.

Having the right business insurance and the correct level of cover should be seen as being critical to a well managed business. And business insurance that includes business interruption cover provides against the loss of income due to an insured interruption in the business for a set period of time.

The Zurich BI Calculator will help you and us to accurately provide the right levels of cover and over the right period.


Our experienced team at Anthony Jones can help pub and restaurant businesses ensure they have the right insurance in place and help get back up and running as quickly as possible should disaster strike.

Our partnership with Reputation.com will also help customers to understand how to manage the reputation of your pub or restaurant whilst you are not trading fully or partially following a loss.

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