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Best Truck Sat Navs for HGV Drivers

Jan 18, 2023

The best truck sat navs for HGV drivers offer so much more than a fast and safe route from A to B. They can make the entire truck driving experience as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Can I Used a Normal Sat Nav or Navigation Apps in an HGV?

A standard sat nav is simply not fit for purpose in a HGV, nor is a navigation app on a smartphone. Unless you’re using a specialist truck sat nav, it will plan your routes assuming you’re in a car or a van. So you might encounter narrow streets, low bridges, uneven road surfaces, and other impossible conditions.

So in this post we’ll explore some of the best truck sat navs specifically designed for HGV drivers.

TomTom GO Expert

Available in two sizes – 5” and 7” – the TomTom GO Expert describes itself as “the ultimate sat nav for HGVs and large vehicles”.

Drivers can add their vehicle’s dimensions, their payload, their speed limit, and other factors, such as whether they’re carrying hazardous materials. The GO Expert will then actively avoid any roads, tunnels or bridges that aren’t suitable for the vehicle. It will continuously monitor the roads in real-time too, so even if the driver doesn’t have a route planned, it can still help them to avoid any potential restrictions.

The GO Expert has its own in-built wi-fi, for fast and responsive navigation and easy updates whenever they’re available. It even offers built-in hands-free calling.

Garmin Dezl LGV1010

With its extra large 10” screen, the Garmin Dezl LGV1010 can provide crystal clear navigation in even the largest of HGVs.

Specify the size and weight of your truck, and you’ll get alerts for upcoming bridge heights, steep hills, weight limits, and even sharp tuns. A specialist arrival planning feature provides high-res aerial views of gates, entrances, loading docks, and other tricky bits of infrastructure.

App integration can give you real-time traffic and weather alerts while allowing you to check on parking availability, and even points of interest for truckers, such as showers or washing facilities.

Aguri Truck TX740

The Aguri Truck TX740 gives HGV drivers free map and speed trap updates for life.

This truck sat nav also features a built-in DVR dash cam with a 32GB SD card. This can provide peace of mind for the driver, as you’ll have video evidence of everything that takes place on every journey. Yet it’s also a useful feature for fleet managers, as they’ll have footage to refer to in the event of any fleet insurance claims.

The Best Truck Sat Navs for Fleet Managers

While helping drivers find their way, some truck sat navs can also provide fleet managers with key telematic data. So in this way, a good truck sat nav could give fleet managers key insights into their drivers’ behaviour. With this information, fleet managers can work to reduce fleet downtime while also ensuring they meet all applicable regulations.

If you employ agency drivers as part of your fleet, make sure they’re up to speed with all the technology you use in your HGVs. Truck sat navs are generally designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but you may have to provide specialist training to ensure that every driver in your fleet makes the most of all available tech to ensure their journeys are as safe, smooth, and efficient as possible.

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