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    20 Nov, 2017|

    Chancellor to announce that driverless cars could be on roads by 2021

    It’s expected that when he makes his Budget speech this Wednesday, the Chancellor Philip Hammond will set out details of how driverless cars will be on the roads by 2021.

    Mr Hammond is due to announce regulation changes allowing car manufacturers to apply to test driverless vehicles on UK roads.

    Jaguar have already been running trials in Coventry with a driver on board in case of emergencies.

    On Wednesday the Chancellor is also expected to announce further investment to support driverless technology:

    • £75m for artificial intelligence
    • £400m for electric car charge points
    • £100m to boost clean car purchases

    The government has forecast that the industry will be worth £28bn to the UK economy by 2035 and will support 27,000 jobs.

    The impact on motor fleet insurance

    It’s clear that advances on artificial intelligence will have an impact on commercial motor and transport and logistics insurance. The Anthony Jones team are staying close to our insurer partners to understand what that impact is and will pass on news as it becomes available.