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Cold Weather & Electric Vehicles: Range, Charging & More

Dec 19, 2022

Many of us are starting to make the switch to electric vehicles, either personally or through the choices that employers make if you drive for work. And with the cold weather well and truly with us for the winter, we thought we’d take a quick look at the impact of cold weather on electric vehicles.

Impact of cold weather on electric vehicles

Our understanding is that there are a few impacts of cold weather on electric vehicles.


This article from What Car? suggests you could expect to get 15-20% less mileage from an electric vehicle in the winter than in the summer months, based on their tests performed in colder weather.

Cold weather can impact on EV batteries, slowing down the processes which take place within the Lithium-ion batteries, impacting their performance which can affect range

Slower charging speeds

You may also experience some reduction in the speed of charging an electric vehicle in cold weather. Due to the impact that cold weather again has on the chemical processes which take place inside the battery.

Use of heaters etc

If you are using more features of your vehicle – heaters, or things like heated windscreens, heated seats, heated steering wheels – then you could be drawing more energy from the battery than usual. Again, having the potential to reduce your range.

Electric vehicle efficiency during the cold weather

Whilst electric vehicles can be impacted by the colder weather, responding to the cold weather and making some adjustments to the way you charge your vehicle and drive can help maintain efficiencies of your electric vehicle.

We found many electric vehicle manufacturers provide tips for getting the most efficiency out of your vehicle during the winter months. So, it may be worth checking out any guidance provided by your manufacturer this winter.

But ultimately, there are many things you can do to help your electric vehicle this winter.

From keeping your vehicle in a garage whenever possible to maintain battery temperature to preheating your vehicle while your car is plugged in to avoid using the battery life. Through to tips which will be important whether you drive an electric, petrol or diesel vehicle such as ensuring your tyres are at the correct pressure and slowing down in cold weather.

Driving safely during the winter months

It’s not just electric vehicles which can be affected by cold weather. All types of vehicles and their performance can be impacted by extremes of cold weather. And whatever type of vehicle you drive, you’ll need to adjust your driving behaviour to the weather conditions to maintain road safety.

We recently put together some tips for driving safely this winter so do give these a read.

And keep in mind the importance of having the right insurance in place whether you drive an electric vehicle, your own vehicle, a company vehicle, drive for a living or run a fleet of vehicles. If you are reviewing your current insurance or are looking to take out a new policy do get in touch with us at Anthony Jones.

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