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    28 Jun, 2018|

    ‘Crash for Cash’ Fraud – avoid becoming a victim

    There has been much discussion in the media around motor fraud and its impact on insurance premiums in recent years and it seems that this isn’t an issue which is likely to go away anytime soon.  In fact, cases of organised motor fraud involving criminal gangs who purposefully stage crashes are becoming more common.

    It is now thought that such gangs may purposefully target vehicles believed to belong to a Fleet given that gangs know such vehicles are likely to be insured as well as their drivers potentially asking fewer questions at the scene of the accident as they do not own the vehicle.

    So how can you as a business protect your drivers and vehicles from such situations? The below white paper from one of our insurance partners, Zurich, gives an overview of common types of fraudulent situations and how drivers can minimise the likelihood of becoming a victim of such activity.

    Read the full paper stagedcrashes