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    25 Oct, 2017|

    Cross party group of MPs to investigate e-cigarettes

    The modern e-cigarette was first marketed in 2004 and, since then, there has been significant growth in the number of vapers globally. In the UK alone, there are now almost 3 million people who vape regularly, four times more than in 2012.

    This is a market that has grown very fast. But it is still a relatively new industry and little is known about the effect of e-cigarettes on health. However, they are recognised as an effective way to stop smoking and have been incorporated into the “Stoptober” campaign.

    Given their increasing popularity and the fact that they are still so new there is not yet any long term evidence of their effect on health, it is perhaps not surprising that the government have announced they are setting up a cross party committee of MPs to investigate e-cigarettes.

    The committee have asked for written evidence to be submitted by 8 December.

    If you make, sell or distribute e-cigarettes and have an involvement in the vaping sector in some other way, we’re sure you’ll be following this enquiry with interest. Anthony Jones are the approved insurance broker for the IBVTA, who are working with MPs on the enquiry and are in parliament today. We will keep close to the enquiry and provide updates as we hear the news.

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