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Cyber Risk – Why you must be prepared

Jul 24, 2018

Dixons Carphone have become one of the latest companies to suffer at the hands of a high profile cyber-attack. The company recently admitted that 5.9million payment card details and 1.2million personal records had been accessed in a hack that began in July last year and whilst no fraudulent activity on the payment cards accessed has been found to date, the breach is considered very significant as typically payment card details are not involved when companies admit to a data breach.

The fact that the breach occurred last year but was only discovered and reported recently highlights the need to put cyber risk at the heart of your business in order for it to filter all the way through the company and ensure the highest level of awareness and vigilance amongst all departments and members of staff. Having the ability and infrastructure in place to enable you to know how, when, and why an incident happens is also vital to allow you to learn and minimise future threats.

With cyber insurance growing in importance and premiums thought to be likely to increase, the ability of a company to demonstrate a strategy for crisis planning, security levels and business continuity plans has never been so important. Having a tried and tested plan in place can only serve to put you in the best place to protect yourself, company and staff and allow you to obtain the right level of insurance that you require at the best possible premium.

At Anthony Jones we can work with you to understand the unique risks your business may face and help put measures in place to protect you against attack. Download our guide to cyber insurance today or give us a call on 0208 290 9080 to discuss your needs.

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