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Driving offences – make sure you stay within the law

Aug 7, 2018

We blogged recently about sentencing guidelines and the focus being placed on offences caused by dangerous and careless driving and how important it is that health and safety within a business is well managed.

With 157 people sentenced last year for causing death by dangerous driving, despite improvements in road safety it is clearly still an issue on our roads. And the latest changes to the sentencing guidelines for death by dangerous driving announced in October 2017 highlight a clamp down, with the maximum sentence increasing from 14 years to life imprisonment. The change is a significant increase and one that Fleet managers and organisations responsible for those who drive for a living should be aware of.

There are numerous offences which a driver can be charged for if causing a collision through dangerous or careless driving including:

  • Death by dangerous driving
  • Death by careless driving
  • Causing serious injury by dangerous driving
  • Causing serious injury by careless driving

This whitepaper from Allianz is a useful resource looking at the types of driving offences that there are and how driving at work policies may need to evolve to create a safer working environment and driving culture.


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