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Eyesight Awareness – Drivers and Fleet Managers must keep up to date

Aug 28, 2018

We blogged recently about whether drivers should have compulsory eye tests following concerns raised by the Association of Optometrists about the potential number of people driving despite their eyesight not meeting required standards.

Hot on their heels, the DVLA has now launched a campaign to improve awareness of ensuring your eyesight meets the minimum standards required by law before getting behind the wheel.

The campaign centres around reminding drivers about the ‘number plate’ test as a simple and effective way of checking your eyesight. You can check your eyesight by ensuring you can read a car number plate from 20m away. Not sure how far 20m is? The DVLA have also provided a handy guide on this – 20m is the equivalent to 5 car lengths or 8 parking bays away.

If you do have any concerns about your eyesight at all or have noticed any changes in recent weeks or months, heed the DVLA’s advice to head to an optician to have your eyes checked.

Eyesight is a critical factor in the ability to drive safely, whether you are driving your own vehicle, if you are a commercial fleet driver or work in the transport and logistics sector. As a Fleet manager make sure your team of drivers are aware of the simple number plate test and that they are reminded of the importance of having their eyesight checked on a regular basis. Only HGV and bus drivers are required to have routine sight tests as part of their licence renewals so for all other drivers the onus is on you.

Remind yourself of the minimum eyesight standards for driving here.

Ensure that you are safe to drive and that your own vehicle or commercial fleet is protected

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