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    23 Jul, 2016|

    Gibraltar based Insurer Enterprise goes bust

    It has been announced that Gibraltar based Insurer Enterprise has gone bust.

    If you held Insurance with them for your truck or fleet of vehicles, you need to check to see if the policy is still valid.

    If you run into problems, we can help – we will provide you with a policy through one of our carefully selected panel of A rated leading Insurers. If you want to be sure that the policy that you purchase is sound, secure, and you want peace of mind that this kind of thing won’t happen to you, come and talk to us.

    Think carefully about your choice of Insurer. A poorly managed insurance choice based on price alone can very quickly outweigh that short term saving.

    If you need assistance call us on 020 8290 4560



    Enterprise press release below. Note that whilst they state that policies remain valid, they also point out that should you have suffered a claim, the status of your claim will only be considered following any appointment of a provisional liquidator.