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Government Announces Measures to Tackle Illicit Vapes

Apr 13, 2023

Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers are  specialists in electronic cigarette insurance so are well placed to help all sorts of businesses in the vaping sector you get the right advice and cover.

What Measures Have the Government Announced?

We are pleased to support the measures announced by the Government aimed at tackling illicit vapes and underage sales.

  • A new ‘illicit vapes enforcement squad’ – backed by £3 million of government funding – to be formed to enforce rules on vaping and tackle illegal sales of vapes to under-18s.
  • Call for Evidence also launched to identify opportunities to stop children vaping.
  • Around 1 million smokers will be encouraged to swap cigarettes for vapes under the world’s first national “swap to stop” scheme announced by the government.
  • Pregnant women will also be offered financial incentives to help them quit as part of a sweeping package of measures to cut smoking rates in England, improve the nation’s health and help cut NHS waiting lists.

We are the approved insurance broker to the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA), we applaud their efforts in lobbying Government for enforcement to tackle the illicit trade and underage sales. This tackles the unscrupulous businesses trading illegally at no cost to the reputable businesses who do the right thing.

The government is investing in providing vapes to smokers and shows how quickly the vaping industry has established quality products required by smoking cessation services and in aiding the government in achieving their smoke free goals.

Response from the IBVTA

The IBVTA have issued two statements in response to the Government announcement:

IBVTA responds to public health ministers expected announcement on enforcement.

IBVTA responds to governments new world first swap to stop scheme to be announced by public health minister.

Anthony Jones Take a Stand on Vape Issues

Underage sales, youth vaping, flavour names and packaging are issues that need address and topics that Anthony Jones have spoken about in the past –  Flavoured Vapes Under 18’s

Anthony Jones continues to lobby insurers for proper market capacity – specifically for Products Liability. We should not have such a significant part of the UK economy that is focused on helping national smoke free goals without adequate insurance protection for many. Take a look at our website Vape Insurance  for information or a quote and/or call Joe Penny on 0208 290 9080. Alternatively, you can e mail us at ecig@anthonyjones.com

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