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What is being done to address the HGV driver shortage?

Dec 20, 2018

We’ve blogged previously about the shortage of haulage drivers in the UK. The main factors thought to be contributing to the shortage within the transport and cargo industry are:

• The current ageing workforce – the average age of a truck driver is 57.
• The low number of young people entering the profession.

Why aren’t younger people becoming HGV drivers?

There are many factors thought to be putting younger people off from embarking on truck driving as a career, such as:

• Work life balance
• Poor facilities
• Negative industry perceptions

In addition, a lack of vocational training and the costs of acquiring the necessary licences are thought to be barriers to a career as an HGV haulage driver.

But what is being done to address this HGV driver shortage?

Back in 2016 the government commissioned the Transport committee to investigate factors affecting and contributing to the shortage of drivers.

LGV Driver Trailblazer Scheme

This ultimately led to the introduction of the LGV Driver Trailblazer scheme. Effectively an apprenticeship scheme for the haulage industry it sees government funding of up to £4,900 per apprentice and should see those taking part achieve an LGV licence and CPC qualification.

Training & career awareness

Lobbying and discussion by industry bodies such as the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and FTA continue. Amongst other initiatives, the RHA launched the Road to logistics initiative in 2016 aimed at providing a training programme to encourage new recruits into the business.

Likewise, aimed at raising awareness of the industry, National Lorry Week, another RHA initiative saw its fourth year of events in 2018. Whilst the FTA, again amongst other campaigning, have worked with Think Logistics to try and better highlight the career opportunities available within the industry.

Recent news also suggests catching ‘would be drivers’ at a very young age and instilling in them a passion for HGV’s and a career in driving could be the answer.

Challenges coming up for the haulage industry in 2019

All in all it is clear that this isn’t an issue which is going away any time soon.

Many cite the need for a significant shift in industry perception to occur in order for the appeal of the career to improve and with it a reduction in the shortage of haulage drivers. With Brexit on the horizon it seems that the industry may be about to face another blow to its ability to attract drivers.

With increasing challenges to the haulage industry, it’s more important than ever to review your transport and cargo insurance.

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