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Home security – Minimising the risk of crime

Sep 20, 2018

Home burglaries and thefts are of obvious concern to everyone, and we all go to great lengths to protect our homes and properties. Having home insurance in place is one way to protect yourself but reviewing your home security and security systems should also be something you do on a regular basis.

If you are planning a new build or a renovation to your existing property, it’s worth putting home security considerations into the heart of the project. Advances in technology mean these systems can be seamlessly incorporated into your property without being obvious or unsightly additions.

Some of the key areas to consider include:


As the clear entry point to your home, your front door is a good place to start when it comes to security. Doors with multi-point locking systems, whereby the door locks in three or more places once the key is turned are thought to be the best option from a security perspective. This is also the case for any other doors into your property – a criminal may feel they have a better chance of entry by using a back or less overlooked door so if you do have any doors with single locks it may be worth considering an upgrade.


Window are often identified as one of the weaker points of homes when it comes to security. If you’ve not already upgraded any single glazed windows to double glazed then now may be the time to do so. Or if you live in a listed property and it’s not possible to upgrade your windows from single glazing without a lengthy application process there are other things you can do to improve them from a home security stand point. These windows can be strengthened with a laminate film which can prevent the glass from breaking and even if the glass does break, getting through the laminate film becomes a lengthy process likely to raise suspicion.


Smart landscaping of your garden can play a huge role when it comes to security. Minimising the amount of shadowed and covered areas so that they are fewer places to hide is a good starting point. Consulting with a landscape gardener, particularly if you have a large garden or outdoor space, can be of use to ensure you get the right balance between security considerations and the creation of a relaxing space.


Lighting is one of the biggest ways in which you can influence how attractive your property looks to criminals. They often target properties with secluded pathways, garden spaces and those where they feel they will be undetected. With this in mind, if your property is well lit externally you will stand a much better chance of detecting an intruder or from putting them off from targeting your property in the first place. If you have taken the extra steps to install CCTV or another security system, lighting should work to support these systems.

Your broker or insurance provider may also be a good point of call if you are considering an upgrade to the security systems in your home, they can give you further advice on which areas to consider and also confirm if the systems you are looking at are adequate from an insurance perspective.

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