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    27 Feb, 2018|

    How old is your face? Take a selfie to find out how affordable life cover could be

    A new tool called FaceQuote has been developed by our insurer partner, Zurich, to work out the cost of life insurance from a photo of your face. Using the photo, FaceQuote estimates your age and then calculates the cost of life cover based on this information.

    Of course, the accuracy of the quote will depend on how close to your actual age your face looks. You might be pleasantly surprised and find you have a face that makes you look younger than you are. Or the opposite may be true. Why not take a selfie, run it through FaceQuote and find out?

    Determining “face age” is part of an experiment that begins on TV this evening. Eight celebrities, including June Brown, Roy Walker, Sid Owen and Russell Grant, are taking part in ‘100 Years Younger in 21 Days’ to see whether they can lose 100 years between them in 3 weeks without the help of surgery. As well as the ages of their faces, results reveal their brain and body ages.

    If the programme piques your interest, run your own experiment and see what results you get from FaceQuote. You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost of life cover, even if your face doesn’t live up to your expectations. And with Anthony Jones you get the cost down even further with a discount of up to 10% when you use the code AJSAVE10.