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How To Prevent Bike Theft At Home

Sep 12, 2023

Bike theft is common across the UK, and though the number of thefts varies from place to place, there are some bike theft hotspots around the country that see a continuous level of threat.

If you love your bike, you’ll know how much of a pain it would be if it were stolen. So no matter where you live, you should take steps to prevent bike theft at home.

Dedicated bicycle insurance can cover you for bicycle theft. Want a quick quote for comprehensive bicycle insurance cover? Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

How To Protect Your Bike From Theft

How to Register Your Bike’s Frame Number

Register your bicycle’s frame number on a national bike registration database. You’ll usually find this in the space between the pedals underneath the bike.

While registering your bike won’t itself prevent theft, it will make it easier to trace your bike back to you if it’s ever stolen.

Mark Your Bike

Get a permanent bike marking kit. This will add a clearly visible registration key to your bike while providing membership of a national database. Again, while marking your bike won’t itself prevent theft, it can act as a strong deterrent for thieves. If they steal a bike and try to sell it, the mark will make it clear that the bike’s stolen. It will also make it easier to track you down as the bike’s original owner, which will result in the thief’s arrest.

You could also get a hidden radio tag for your bike. These can be integrated with police systems, which will make it easier for the bike to be recovered and returned to you in the event of theft. And once again, a highly visible label can notify thieves that the bike’s traceable, and thus not worth stealing.

Store Your Bike Somewhere Safe

Keep your bike as safe as you would at home as you would if you were parking on the street. Ideally, you should keep your bike indoors under lock and key, in your hallway or garage.

But of course, not everyone has room for this. If you need to keep your bike outside, try and keep your bike out of view, through keeping it in your back garden, or under a cover.

Double Lock Your Bike

Most bike thieves are opportunistic. Bicycle locks slow thieves down, which will make thieves less likely to target your bike. Double lock your bike, securing both the front and back wheels. Use two different types of lock, if possible, as thieves are unlikely to carry multiple tools, and make sure at least one of the locks is a strong and sturdy D-lock.

Don’t Advertise That You Have A Bike

Remove bike racks from your car when they’re not in use. And if you use fitness tracking apps like Strava, create a “privacy zone” around your home. That way, you won’t disclose your bike’s location to any tech-savvy thieves.

Get Your Bike Valued

If you know how much your bike is worth, you’ll know how much to insure it for. That way, if your bike’s ever stolen, you’ll be fully covered for a replacement.

But for this to work, you’ll also need dedicated bicycle insurance. Read our full guide to how bike insurance works, and what it covers.

Dedicated bicycle insurance can cover you for bicycle theft. Want a quick quote for comprehensive bicycle insurance cover? Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.


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