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    04 Apr, 2019|

    What is the Impact of No-Deal Brexit on Services?

    At the time of writing at least (1st April), the possibility of a no deal Brexit is still very much on the table. If we do leave the EU without a deal the exact impact on businesses is unclear but it is inevitable that the way that many businesses operate will be impacted.

    The potential impact of Brexit on services is no different. With this in mind, and as part of its no deal preparations, the UK government have released guides to those business who provide services. The guides look at a range of countries and detail how businesses may need to adapt to continue to provide services in these countries in the event of a no deal Brexit. These guides are location specific as the advice is different by country but on the whole look at factors such as:

    • Cross-border trade
    • Structuring your business
    • Business travel
    • Visa requirements
    • If professional qualifications will be recognised
    • Data protection

    Links to the guides, by country:

    Austria Guide

    Belgium Guide

    Bulgaria Guide

    Croatia Guide

    Cyprus Guide

    Czech Republic Guide

    Denmark Guide

    Estonia Guide

    Finland Guide

    France Guide

    Germany Guide

    Greece Guide

    Hungary Guide

    Iceland Guide

    Ireland Guide

    Italy Guide

    Latvia Guide

    Liechtenstein Guide

    Lithuania Guide

    Luxembourg Guide

    Malta Guide

    The Netherlands Guide

    Norway Guide

    Poland Guide

    Portugal Guide

    Romania Guide

    Slovakia Guide

    Slovenia Guide

    Spain Guide

    Sweden Guide

    Switzerland Guide

    As things are changing with Brexit on a regular basis, do check back to our Brexit information page for updates. We are working hard with insurers to understand what the insurance implications of Brexit may be for all of our customers and will provide updates as and when we have the most up to date information.