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Is this the right time to assess your fleet insurance provider?

Jun 20, 2017

At Anthony Jones, we pride ourselves on being experts in delivering the right solution to protect your business, so if you’re in the transport and logistics industry or run a fleet of vehicles there is no better place to come for your insurance needs. And with Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) increasing to 12% as of the beginning of this month (June 2017) and a multitude of legislative, financial and social factors impacting costs, now may be the best time to reassess your choice of insurance broker and the value they bring to your business. Remember, a poorly managed insurance choice based on price alone can very quickly outweigh any short-term saving.

Our Commercial Vehicle, Fleet and Goods in Transit policies can be tailored to your requirements –We have experience spanning all sizes of clients, from start-ups to major international operators, whether you operate in the UK, Europe or Worldwide. This has given us the breadth of knowledge to understand the gaps in cover that regularly occur, for example hauliers protecting themselves but not the goods they carry, allowing us to see where misunderstandings occur with contracts.

We recognise that every individual and every business is different –  For some clients, the priority is our access to all insurers so that we can secure appropriate cover at the best premiums.  For the more complex business, clients value our experience and expertise in helping them to identify, assess and manage their risks before designing and placing appropriate insurance coverage. That’s why we dedicate time to really getting to know our clients and regularly asking the right questions, in order to tailor our service approach to our clients’ specific needs


Delivering great service – Each of our clients is given a dedicated service team, including claims handling, to ensure we provide a professional service suited to your needs.  Assisting our clients through every step of a claim, one of our objectives is to focus on early notification of a collision as this can help us to ensure that claims involving a third party are effectively managed from the start. In addition, we work to settle claims as quickly as possible, for as little cost as possible whilst also undertaking regular claims reviews and analysis, as required.


Supporting our Fleet and Transport customers – Our approach, which includes partnering with Road Risk Safety experts, ensures our customers understand what the premiums they pay to insure their vehicles and protect employees and members of the public covers. When arranging cover for a client we encourage businesses to think, plan and adopt work-related road safety measures whilst also considering the duty of care they have to employees. We are happy to offer assistance to customers to help overcome any perceived barriers and enable more organisations to start benefiting from telematics solutions.


Helping you manage your reputation – Given that managing business reputation is generally at the top of the business risk agenda, we would always recommend that you buy as much cover as you can afford. Choosing your insurance covers and insurance broker are important decisions. We always encourage and help business leaders to think about how they might preserve reputation if a serious incident was to occur. As a business it is key that you look at what insurance covers are available in the market to ensure that you make informed, conscious decisions about the cover that you do and do not purchase based on analysis of risk to your business.


Find out more about our experience in transport and logistics insurance and read some of our customer testimonials to help you decide whether Anthony Jones are right for you.


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