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Keyless entry systems – Leaving your vehicle vulnerable to theft?

Jun 7, 2018

Vehicle technology has come a long way over recent years, and one development we are all used to is the keyless entry system.  Pioneered in the 1980’s, this technology means we can unlock and enter our vehicles with the touch of a button.  And in recent years we’ve gone a step further, with keyless entry systems allowing vehicles to be locked/unlocked simply by the key being within a certain range of the car.

However, with advances like this it appears that there may be potential security vulnerabilities.  Recent research has shown that keyless entry systems can be vulnerable to what is termed a ‘relay attack’ whereby radio signals are used to impersonate the cars key and elicit the correct response from the car allowing the vehicle to be unlocked.  Whilst manufacturers updated their technology to overcome this vulnerability it seems it may not still be totally secure, with a minor adjustment to the technique used, it seems keyless entry systems may still be hackable.

Ultimately, it is the manufacturers responsibility to evolve their technology and security features to overcome this risk but the standard advice for not keeping valuables in your vehicle or keeping valuables well out of site comes into play here to ensure the minimum incentive to criminals.

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