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Have a Land Rover (including Range Rover)? – Get a Garage…and the very Highest Level of Car Security … and Beware of Ghosts!

May 10, 2023

If you have a Range Rover of high value, then you are very likely to have a problem. Right now, there is a significant and growing risk of theft of all Land Rover models, and this isn’t the insurance industry making a mountain out of a molehill. Why?

Land Rover Theft Statistics

  • Theft for spare parts and available stock.
  • DVLA say 5500 were stolen last year, with London a hotspot.
  • Second most popular car being stolen – only behind the Ford Fiesta!
  • Insurers refusing to insure them – Land Rovers own insurance arrangement has stopped.

Aviva have been very public in its statistics.  Land Rovers make up only 5% of their commercial motor book but account for 40% of their claims costs. It’s not too surprising then that they have just sent us brokers a note saying that Land Rovers with a market value of £25,000 and over will be subject to an additional 5% of the vehicle’s value at the time of the loss. This will be over and above any existing theft excess.

Frankly, we think this is punitive to the insurance buyer as this does nothing to stop the problem and just shifts the cost equation. Why bother?

Reaction from the Insurance Market

Long and short of it is that it is a nightmare getting insurers to cover Land Rovers, especially in London. Cardealer illustrates the issue in this article.

It’s not only London – other areas are also impacted but this article sums things up very well.

As brokers we are seeing all insurers less willing to provide terms for cover (Covea being the latest to exit stage left) and a general tightening up on requirements. Those buyers lucky enough to make a purchase are finding that insurers are demanding that vehicles are garaged overnight. This may sound like a simple condition but some buyers are finding this impossible to meet.

Add to this issue the demand for CAT 5 trackers with driver recognition and remote immobilisation AND Ghost products. These are products that prevent key-cloning, hacking and key theft by allowing you to make unique changeable codes that prevent a thief from driving the car away.

What Anthony Jones can do to Help

We have markets available to us but there is no doubt that insurance is a challenge to all brokers including us. We find it best to look at insurance as part of a portfolio so aligning with household protection or alongside other vehicles. Talk to us and we will promise to do our very best to use all our expertise and experience to help.

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