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What To Do & How to Prevent Armed Robbery at Home

Jan 9, 2023

The risk of armed robbery in the home is not one that many of us would want to think about. But is unfortunately a potential risk to some. As is suffering other types of burglary or theft.

Risk of burglary or robbery

News has particularly focused on high net worth individuals suffering break ins and burglaries or robberies, with many footballers in particular being targeted.

Criminals do their homework, researching when people are away from their homes on business or on holiday. It’s particularly easy to find this information out for celebrities, footballers and other professional sportspeople. And of course, social media makes their job even easier.

This article from the Met police provides an overview of the types of things that burglars may look for when it comes to residential burglary. And may go some way to helping you identify if your home could be a potential target for burglars. From targeting homes that they think will contain valuable items, to homes which have expensive or specific cars on the driveway. To homes which show signs of vulnerability from a security perspective.

Home security to prevent armed robbery

Home security will be important, acting as a deterrent as well as helping to protect your property. And the police.uk website have a whole section dedicated to steps you can take to protect your home from crime. These types of resource are worth referring to, to help you take all possible steps to protect yourself and your home.

If you have a significant number of valuable items in your property, then you may also want to consider areas such as

  • CCTV cameras and systems. Both outside and inside the home
  • A burglar alarm or system
  • Perimeter security – gates, lighting, sensors etc
  • Panic rooms or safe rooms
  • Safes and vaults for your possessions

There are specialist companies who deal with security systems for high net worth individuals and can provide tailored solutions.

Your insurance broker and insurer will work with you to advise on risk protection for your home. Increasingly, insurers will insist on minimum protections being on place.

Have the right insurance

You will also want to think about your home insurance, particularly contents insurance, to cover items in the home. You may want to consider a high net worth insurance policy for example to ensure that you have sufficient cover in place if you have items of high value in your home, or collections of specific items. High value home insurance can also bring with it other benefits which we covered in a recent in a recent blog.

Also consider the support you will receive if you should need to make a claim. You only really understand the value and importance of insurance when you come to make a claim so this should be an important area of focus when choosing your insurance policy.

If you work Anthony Jones to arrange your insurance, then we can help you by providing risk management advice alongside a bespoke service and support with any claims you need to make. Watch our short video which explains how we can help arrange High Net Worth insurance for your valued home and possessions. And do get in touch with us to discuss your needs further on 0208 290 9086 or email us at personal@anthonyjones.com.


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