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Return of the Raiders… The last of Us.

Mar 9, 2023

We have just come through one of the toughest renewal months our commercial motor team can recall. The raiders are back in the market both in broker and insurer camps and it is getting worse. Each and every one of our clients renewed their business with us which is an absolute testament to the determination of the team and the skills that they are able to use to secure the best deals for our customers, but boy was it hard work. Of course, it was – rightly so as our customers deal with:

  • Cost, affordability, and availability of insurance.
  • Claims service and an uptick in disputes.
  • Cover restrictions.

The voice of the customer …someone listen please.

Times are tough for many and that means getting a great deal is imperative. The insurance industry is constantly told to listen to the voice of the customer and right now the customer is struggling to get a word in edgeways! Only in the last few days have Amlin referred to insurance markets as being a roller coaster…insurers have been warned by trade bodies not to overreact with higher costs and cover restrictions and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) no less are running a webinar as they say that there are less and less specialist motor fleet underwriters and knowledge is reducing.

Insurers are pussy cats…maybe not right now


Underwriting is inconsistent, everything is taking longer, and pricing is unpredictable. Now is the time to have a look to see the art of the possible but don’t expect an easy ride. Underwriters are sticking to rules, inventing new ones and have a hard-nosed attitude.

Anthony Jones want the insurance market to step up and help.


Commercial motor insurance is a complex equation of the good the bad and the ugly at the best of times. We are in the middle of it. We know what is going on – it’s our job. Here are a few of the things we have seen in the past few weeks:

  • Clients told that appointment mandates are needed to obtain alternative quotations. Not true.
  • Misleading conversations about rates clients “should be paying” – yeah right.
  • Desk topping is back – it is not acceptable for a broker to offer a price to a client without seeing a claims experience or having any understanding of a business.
  • Insurers driven by the need for aggregated rate increase using no common sense on business that doesn’t warrant increased costs – come on folks.
  • Increased excesses imposed /driving restrictions – just to make life difficult.
  • Claims experiences and renewal terms being released so close to renewal date that time to negotiate and explain to customers is too tight – service isn’t great right now.
  • Better service from our MGA partners – thanks we appreciate this!

Our Commercial Motor team are ace.


All our team have never worked harder on behalf of our existing customers or the new ones that come to us. For us it means working our markets all the time and using skills, experience, relationships, and gravitas to get that great deal. It means looking at alternative quotes, cover, declarations, finance, risk management and claims. Oh, and by the way, we have our own dedicated claims team within Anthony Jones. They are also working at full steam.


You must contact Anthony Jones


If there ever was a time to talk to us it is now. And by the way, it will not cost you anything to do so.

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