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Road Safety And A Focus on Risk Management

Feb 12, 2021

During conversations with our customers, or potential customers, one of the most important areas we cover is that of risk management. The importance of which we cannot stress enough.

When it comes to the transport and logistics sector in particular, we are seeing insurers become more selective over who they want to insure. And we are seeing increasing demands from insurers for evidence of how businesses manage risk. For your broker to be able to present your business in a way that enables you to obtain the right insurance for your business needs, you need sufficient evidence of how seriously your business takes risk management – driver policies and procedures, training programmes and staff handbooks are all good examples.

How can Anthony Jones help with your road safety and risk management strategy?

Road safety and risk management in this area is vital for transport and logistics businesses to focus in on. After all, driving is one of the most dangerous occupations an individual can engage in.

We believe that a focus on road safety and risk management not only helps your business improve safety and fulfil your duty under health and safety law, but it also helps improve your bottom line. Being reactive or on the back foot is not in the best interests of your employees or business. It is a time-consuming way to work. By taking action and mitigating risk, you can transform your business.

To this end we work alongside a range of partners with the aim of helping transport and logistics operators develop their approach to risk management and road safety.

In association with DAC Beachcroft, our legal partner, we support ‘RESILIENCE’ model of driver and fleet safety. The solution provides fleet managers and operators with the information they need to implement pro-active measures to improve both collision prevention and driver and fleet safety. It centres around 3 key pillars

  • Strengthen – Review your policies, processes and procedures and strengthen them to improve fleet and road safety
  • Support – to identify areas of vulnerability and to put in place changes which reduce your risk exposure
  • Protect – to protect you if the worst should happen

We also work closely with Cardinus who are a global risk and safety partner for Fleet Risk Management services. This partnership allows us to further support our clients in understanding key risk management issues and to put the tools in place to manage these risks.

Proud to be at the forefront of the industry

Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers are experts in the transport and logistics sector. And we work with a wide range of businesses; from small, individual owner operators to large fleet operators such as Maritime Transport. But our approach is always the same –  to work in partnership and support and encourage a focus on road safety and risk management.

Maritime have shown sustained success when it comes to road safety improvements across their fleet.

One key initiative Maritime have introduced is a safety bonus aimed at encouraging drivers to maintain higher levels of safety and compliance on UK roads. The initiative was introduced eight years ago, and in 2020 Maritime accomplished some of its biggest road safety milestones to date including;

  • a significant reduction in road-related incidents
  • an increase in the number of drivers who achieved top-end telematics grades.

Find out more about Maritimes road safety achievements in 2020 and their road safety programme.

The Anthony Jones team have been working alongside Maritime on road risk and claims management for more than a decade and are justifiably proud of Maritime’s road safety achievements in 2020.

As experts in the transport and logistics industry, we are passionate about helping businesses focus on risk management and to understand all of the benefits that such an approach can bring. For more information on how we can support your transport and logistics business get in touch with our team today on 020 8290 9099 or email us at  commercial.motor@anthonyjones.com

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