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Looking for Temporary Car Insurance This Summer?

Aug 4, 2023

There has been a noticeable uptick in people making the decision to live vehicle free. A difficult decision to make whether it is for benefits to the environment, air quality or more simply that having a vehicle is unaffordable. Location might also be a factor – half of all London households do not own a car.

Getting around without a car is of course possible using public transport, trams, taxis or cycling but there are occasions when temporary insurance would be an affordable way to cover yourself to drive a different car or van on a flexible basis. There are several circumstances where you might need compulsory insurance for a short period of time – from as little as 1 hour up to 1 month.

It is supposed to be summer so you might want to:

  • Share the driving heading for a holiday or day out at the beach?
  • Train strikes affecting your plans? Borrow a friend’s or relative’s car for a trouble-free solution.
  • We can offer European Union cover with our policies if the policy starts and ends in the UK.

More generally you might be needing to temporarily:

  • Drive a friend’s car or van and avoiding expensive hire costs for a vehicle.
  • Borrowing your parents’ car occasionally.
  • Waiting for your car to be repaired – borrowing a vehicle.
  • Getting a new car home and haven’t had time to arrange annual cover.
  • Helping a friend or a family member unable to drive their own vehicle.
  • Taking a test drive of a vehicle you might wish to buy.
  • Learning to drive – a learner driver who is practicing occasionally.
  • Staying with friends – might loan you a car whilst visiting.
  • Business use – using your personal car for occasional business trips.

We all like to plan but often it is an emergency that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers can provide temporary car and van insurance via our website in real time via the following links Temporary Van Insurance Temporary Car Insurance


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