Terrorism Protection

Nov 4, 2019

Business owners juggle a lot of issues and one of them will be protecting their livelihood with insurance covers. Yet fewer than 3% of SME’s purchase cover against acts of terrorism and many lack any knowledge around business continuity planning or how to best cope with a disaster. It is becoming increasingly evident that many small businesses don’t realise that property and business interruption covers exclude acts of terrorism.

Why would a small business care? It’s pretty simple to see really. A business would be affected with little or no physical damage to premises with a knock on affect if:

  • Your business is caught behind police cordons
  • A customer or a supplier is affected physically or with a cordon
  • There is a loss of a public utility
  • Suffers a reduction in footfall following an attack – loss of attraction
  • Uncompensated losses due to significant business interruption

The insurance industry recognises that there is a gap in customer understanding and frankly brokers and insurers have to do more in promoting terrorism cover and the very basic protection is provides.

Have a look at what Pool Re have to say here.


If you like a video have a look at this from BIBA /ITN


If your broker hasn’t spoken to you about protecting against terrorists then ask them. Better still ask us.


Steve Green


Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers

Nov 1st 2019

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