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    24 Jun, 2016|

    Tricky Matters – Property Claims advice

    Our thanks and sincere appreciation to VRS Vericlaim who have produced a series of small articles on the cover issues that may present problems in the event of a property claim. Practical and very topical help given the soon to be adopted Insurance Act . Amongst many observations Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers would highlight just a few to grab the insurance buyers attention !

    • Running the business and a large loss is very difficult at the same time – businesses would do well to avoid trying to do both . Think about a Project manager or maybe a previous Director who can focus on the claim leaving others to run the business.
    • Declaration Linked Business Interruption policies does not allow for a proportionate reduction if the sum insured is too low so providing a regular sense check is prudent .
    • Listed properties have all manner of additional costs so allow a minimum of 125% sum insured of that for an unlisted building.
    • 12 month Indemnity Periods should be a thing of the past . Supply chain issues , planning complications to reinstate buildings , environmental considerations ,reliance on key suppliers or customers can easily eat into a year to get turnover back to a pre loss level.
    • Increased costs provision is essential . A policy that empowers a policyholder to spend money to mitigate the loss without an economic limit test is a good thing .
    • Asbestos continues to be problematic with high disposal costs and debris removal costs.
    • Plant and Machinery costs need to be kept up to speed with as does the reality of replacing timescales. Think carefully about exchange rate movements.
    • Contractual penalties are often in place and should be addressed with a Fines and Penalties extension.
    • Defining the word “premises” is useful including considering Suppliers or Customers premises to be brought into the definition.