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    14 Jun, 2018|

    UK Government committed to automated vehicles

    We’ve blogged several times about advances in driverless and autonomous vehicles and what the future may hold. With the government committing £100 million to support testing of driverless cars in the UK and announcing a desire for automated vehicles to be on our roads by 2021, they have now taken steps to further demonstrate their commitment to automated vehicles by commissioning a review of the UK’s driving laws.

    With many factors to consider, including environmental, infrastructure and data and cyber security, the recently announced review will focus solely on legal and regulatory issues. Likely to cover areas such as the element of shared control between machine and driver, automation in public transport and ensuring the ongoing safety of other road users the review is set to last for 3 years. For more information read this blog from our legal partner DAC Beachcroft.

    Given the impact that artificial intelligence will have on commercial motor and transport and logistics insurance, here at Anthony Jones our team are staying close to our insurer partners to understand what the impact is likely to be and will pass on news as it becomes available.