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What is CMR Insurance & Who Needs It?

Jan 22, 2020

When it comes to transporting goods by road, there are specific rules which apply to international road haulage. One of these refers to the CMR Convention.

What is the CMR Convention?

The CMR Convention is a United Nations convention signed in 1956. It refers to a number of legal issues involved in transporting cargo by road. It will apply where the carriage of goods starts and ends in two different countries, where at least one of the contracting parties is signed up to the CMR Convention.

The full title of the convention is the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road. It effectively standardises and provides a single set of conditions of carriage for the complete movement of goods for reward. This includes the carrier’s liability and documentation that must be used.

What is CMR Insurance and what does it cover?

CMR Insurance is effectively a form of Goods in Transit Insurance which covers a carrier’s liabilities under the CMR Convention. Under the CMR Convention, the carrier by road is liable for loss or damage to goods being transported, or significant delay in delivering the goods.

Under the CMR convention a carrier’s liabilities will be set at 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which is roughly equivalent to £10.26 per kg.

Do I need CMR Insurance?

If you are transporting goods by road between two different countries, one of which is contracted to the CMR Convention then you may want to consider some form of CMR insurance to cover your liabilities.

Will CMR Insurance be affected by Brexit?

As with all things Brexit, the level of uncertainty regarding when we will leave and whether we leave with or without a deal mean it is difficulty to fully understand the impact Brexit will have.

It you are a courier or haulier who transports goods within the EU it is best to refer to the gov.uk website to see what changes may impact you once we leave the EU.

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