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Covid-19: When Can Vape Shops Open?

Mar 10, 2021

With England’s reopening from lockdown just beginning we look specifically at the lockdown easing roadmap and what it means for vape shops – when can vape shops open and what will business owners need to put in place to do so safely.

When can vape shops reopen?

Lockdown easing is set to follow a 4-step plan which sees different businesses and activities reopen at different times. Non-essential retail shops are expected to open as part of Step 2, which is from the 12th April under current guidance. This will include vape shops.

Vape shops have been categorised as non-essential retail during lockdown, closing on the 5th January when lockdown was announced and remaining so. Vape shops are currently able to provide a delivery service or provide click and collect services but vape shops themselves must remain shut.

However, this could be set to change soon if the lockdown easing plan continues as planned by the government.

Will vape shops need to put in place COVID secure rules when reopening?

Yes. Government guidance states that COVID-secure guidance must continue to be adhered to across all businesses. It is likely that this will continue for some time. A further review into longer term measures which have been put in place to control the virus.

This review will look at measures such as the 1 metre plus rule, social distancing and face masks and is expected to be completed ahead of step 4 of the reopening plan but this is not until the 21st June. It is thought that this review will inform timings and circumstances under which these measures may be lifted.

Full details of the latest COVID secure guidance can be found on the gov.uk website where information is available for different types of work and businesses. Additional information on making your workplace COVID secure can also be found on the HSE site.

What other guidance needs to be followed when vape shops reopen?

Keeping up to date with COVID secure guidance is going to be essential for businesses including vape shops to ensure that you are adhering to all of the relevant guidance and protecting your employees and customers from the risks of COVID-19.

Additional information relating to testing has recently been provided by the government with businesses now able to access testing for employees who do not show coronavirus symptoms, you can access these tests if:

  • your business is registered in England
  • your employees cannot work from home

Find out more about workplace employee testing and how to access this testing.

Will your vape shop insurance be impacted?

If your vape shop is closed at the moment then you need to ensure that you have been in touch with your insurer and discussed any issues linked to unoccupied premises to ensure that your insurance is not impacted by your business being temporarily closed.

At Anthony Jones we work closely with the vape sector and the IBVTA and appreciate that  this has been a challenging time for vape shop owners with their high street retail units being closed. If you have any questions about insurance for your vape shop or risk management at this time do not hesitate to get in contact with us on 0208 290 9080 or email us at ecig@anthonyjones.com.

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