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Avoiding potholes – should it be part of the driving test?

Jul 31, 2018

Potholes are a concern for all drivers given the serious damage that they can do to vehicles and unfortunately it appears they are likely be a permanent fixture in the state of our roads as councils struggle to keep up with the cost of fixing and repairing them.

Earlier this year the AA reported that they believe there have been more pothole related claims in the first 4 months of 2018 than in the total of 2017. And they have now gone one step further.

Believing the situation to be so bad they have recently called for the hazard perception aspect of the driving test to be updated to include poor road surfaces, such as the ability to spot potholes. The hazard perception element of the test requires learner drivers to spot hazards that they believe would cause them to take action and the AA believe that the state of the roads is having such an impact on driving conditions that it should be included in the driving test.

They also state that there is no advice in the Highway Code for drivers with regards to potholes and are calling for it to be updated to reflect the serious nature of potholes.

The AA themselves recommend the following action:

  • Slow down if necessary, keeping an eye on traffic behind you
  • Stay in lane
  • Avoid large swerves

If you encounter a pothole do make sure you photograph and report it as we all have a responsibility to ensure that awareness of the issue is as high as possible in order for the appropriate restorative action to be taken.

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