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    21 Jun, 2018|

    Clamping down on whiplash claims

    Whiplash claims have reached what seems to be an endemic level in recent years, with figures showing that despite a reduction in the amount of road traffic accidents reported in the last decade, personal injury claims from such accidents are 50% higher.

    With whiplash claim levels at an all time high and continuing to contribute to rising insurance premiums, the government recently announced its intentions to address the issue as part of the Civil Liability Bill. The Bill will look to put stricter rules in place around whiplash claims – banning the practice of settling claims without medical evidence and setting fixed amounts of compensation for whiplash claims.

    This could be some much needed positive news for motorists, as it’s believed that these changes could create savings of around £1billion which insurers have pledged to pass on to their customers, potentially reducing motor insurance premiums by £35 a year.

    At the same time, the Government also announced further changes to the way that the discount rate is set (this rate effectively determines the size of personal injury compensation payments. Our recent blog explains more about changes made to this rate by the government). Despite recently changing the rate, it appears the Government is putting further focus on this contentious issue. The Civil Liability Bill includes reference to a new framework for setting the rate, with the Association of British Insurers heralding it as further positive news for motorists.


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