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Dashboard warning lights – what drivers and fleet managers need to look out for

Sep 4, 2018

As experts in the transport and logistics insurance sector, we have seen many changes to vehicles through the years. But one thing which never changes is the importance of keeping your commercial vehicle fleet and your own car well maintained. With technological advances over the years and todays cars coming with increasingly more features and functions, when a light does come on in your vehicle it can be difficult to know whether it is a warning, an error or just simply a feature!

Vehicle warning lights are often colour coded, with red, orange and green being the most common colours used to indicate the severity of the warning. Whilst all vehicles are different, there is a general rule of thumb you can follow with regards to the colour of the light(s):

• Red warning lights usually indicate an immediately important vehicle or safety issue, something which needs to be addressed with urgency by a professional.
• Orange lights most likely indicate that a component needs repairing or servicing and should again be looked at by a professional.
• Green lights are typically used to let the driver know that something is active or working correctly.

It’s also important to be aware of some of the more important warning lights. If these come on in your vehicle it’s important to take action quickly to minimise the likelihood of further damage to your vehicle and a more expensive repair bill.

As with anything, make sure you keep up to date with your servicing schedule as dictated by your vehicle manufacturer. If a warning light does come on, then the best thing to do if you aren’t sure what it means is to refer to your vehicle manual which should give you the answers. And don’t just ignore it, if a light has come on then you need to take action.

Keeping your vehicle roadworthy is of vital importance whether you are making short or long-distance journeys. If you run a fleet of vehicles its important to ensure your vehicles are well maintained to ensure the safety of your drivers.

Make sure your own vehicle or commercial fleet is protected as well as maintained

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