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Not all insurance brokers are equal…especially when it comes to claims!

Sep 6, 2018

When you buy insurance for yourself or your business you are ultimately buying into the expectation that your insurance provider will be there for you if the worst should happen and you have to make an insurance claim. Only at this point will you realise the true value of your insurance broker.

At Anthony Jones, we don’t believe that all insurance brokers are the same. We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient, effective claims process and supporting you through the whole claims lifecycle from notification to conclusion.

Communication is key in these situations, particularly given that the process of making an insurance claim can be an emotional and stressful time. Our team of claims experts are in the office during the week from 9am-5pm and you can get in touch with them whether you are making a personal insurance claim and simply want some reassurance from us about what you are being told by your insurer or you are making a commercial insurance claim where our dedicated claims team can keep you informed of key decisions which are being made throughout the claim lifecycle.

We work hard to ensure you are kept up to date on the progress of your insurance claim – you can notify us of a claim using our online claim form or submit photos, videos or dashcam recordings via our website. And we will get in touch with you in the manner that works best for you – we can provide email or phone updates on your claims progress and for larger clients organise formal claims reviews.

Not all insurance brokers are equal. Before you choose your broker, make sure you fully understand the service that they are offering. You need a broker you can rely on and who will be there to guide you through the insurance claim process, making things as simple as possible for you.

You can get in touch with our claims team using the following details:

Daniel Culley on 020 8290 9085 or email him at daniel.culley@anthonyjones.com
Judy Molloy on 020 8290 9085 or email her at judy.molloy@anthonyjones.com
Paul Kiely on 0208 290 9085 or email him at paul.kiely@anthonyjones.com

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