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    FAQs - Vape shop insurance

    What does vape shop insurance cover?

    E-cigarette and Vape Shop Insurance can cover you for:

    • Manufacturing risks
    • E-cigarette wholesalers and distributors
    • Internet sales
    • Cyber liability
    • Retailers shop keepers package including products liability
    • Property damage and loss of income/business interruption
    • Directors & officers liability

    How does insurance for vape shops differ to other businesses?

    Many of the insurance requirements for vape shops will be the same or similar to other businesses. For example, if you employ anyone you’ll need Employer’s Liability insurance, if customer visit your premises, you’ll need Public Liability insurance and if you have shop premises, you’ll need Buildings and Contents insurance.

    However, as a vape shop, your risk exposure may be different to other businesses. For example, if you mix your own e-liquids this should be taken into account, as should the value of any specialist stock you hold, when assessing your insurance needs.

    It’s worth talking to an insurance broker to get advice about vaping insurance for your business to make sure you get cover tailored to the specific risks your vape shop faces as these will be different to other retail businesses.