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A Guide to Secure Document Sharing for Businesses

Jul 2, 2021

With more of us working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to increasingly turn to different methods to enable collaboration between employees. One of which is the ability to share documents.

What is secure document sharing?

Microsoft define secure document sharing as ‘the act of sharing files so that they are protected from online threats and only accessed by people granted permission by the owner’

You may wish to share documents between different employees or between different businesses. And ensuring security when doing so will likely be of paramount importance regardless of the information contained in the documents.

What are the secure document sharing options available to businesses?

There are a wide range of secure document sharing options available to businesses today. Many of which have opened up due to the development of cloud-based storage systems which enable businesses to store files on remote servers. This means files can then be accessed from a network, the cloud (effectively the internet), reducing the need for businesses to rely on local storage hardware and infrastructure.

Here are just a few secure document sharing solutions your business could consider. There are many more options available than this, so it is worth doing your research and working out which best integrates with your current business set up and processes.

Is Dropbox secure?

Dropbox was originally launched in 2007 and has seen a number of changes over the years. It is a cloud-based storage system which according to Dropbox allows secure file sharing, storage and collaboration between users.

Secure document sharing with Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is the secure document sharing platform available from Microsoft. The ability to access your documents from anywhere, collaborate and a focus on security are all features Microsoft promote, alongside the fact that OneDrive integrates with all other Microsoft based products.

It also integrates with Microsoft Teams which is the collaboration system provided by Microsoft and which has gained traction during the pandemic.

Google Drive secure sharing

Another cloud-based storage system, this time from Google, Google Drive again, presents itself as a solution to store, share and collaborate on files securely. It also integrates with other Google products such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides as well as other tools such as Microsoft Office

Secure document sharing for business with Box

Box is another secure document sharing tool which offers a solution tailored to businesses. It promotes security, seamless collaboration and simplified workflows as some of the key benefits of the platform.

Of course, choosing the correct secure document sharing solution for your business will be a vital decision. Not only to make sure it works as hard as possible for your business, but most importantly to ensure that you maintain the security and integrity of your data, so it is very important to carry out sufficient research.

How can your business reduce cyber risk linked to secure document sharing?

Whilst most secure document sharing platforms come with strong security features, there are some steps you can take when it comes to security and reducing cyber risk linked to remote working and secure document sharing including:

Using strong passwords

Set strong passwords on your secure document sharing platform of choice. Depending on the document being shared you may also want to password protect the document itself. Passwords offer a first line of defence against unauthorised persons getting hold of your data and information.

Tips for creating strong passwords include:

Setting up two factor authentication

This is an additional security step which many cloud-based storage systems provide. If it is an option, then it is best to activate it on your account as it will create an additional security barrier.

Two factor authentication is effectively a process of double checking that you really are who you are claiming to be. It involves setting up a second check that only you can access – such as a code that is sent to you through a text message, or through a code created via an app. Only once you enter this can you access your files.

Checking the level of encryption used

It is best to check what level of encryption cloud-based storage systems utilise before deciding on your provider. According to the ICOEncryption is a mathematical function using a secret value—the key—which encodes data so that only users with access to that key can read the information.’

If you store files on a mobile device app check if your provider offers encryption on mobile devices as well. That way if your phone is stolen, lost or hacked your data should be protected.

At Anthony Jones, we believe that cyber security must be a business issue, not confined to your IT department. And it is something that businesses of all sizes should take seriously. That is why we work hard with our customers to help them understand their risk exposure and put sufficient cyber insurance in place to protect them if the worst should happen. Get in touch with us today for more information of cyber insurance.

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