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Vape Shop Insurance – An Expert Guide

Jul 5, 2021

The vape industry is still relatively young. But with the increasing popularity of vaping, particularly among ex-smokers, we’re seeing more and more vape shops springing up on high streets across the country. It’s a sector that has grown very fast over the past decade.

Insurers have struggled to keep pace, wrestling to comprehend the different risks faced by vape shops and failing to meet the specific requirements of the sector. The result is that many vape shops have inadequate protection but don’t realise that this is the case.

We were asked by one of our vape clients to provide them with a comprehensive guide to the different types of insurance they might want to consider. Why not take a moment to read our guide to vape shop insurance? It might help to identify gaps in your own cover. After all, where insurance is concerned, ignorance is certainly not bliss!

Find out a bit more about vape insurance from Anthony Jones and give us a call to discuss the needs of your own vape business.

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