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How Does Taxi Fleet Insurance Work?

Jan 11, 2024

Taxi fleet insurance is specialist cover for fleets of taxis, taxi rental firms, private taxi fleet operators and chauffeurs.

In this post we’ll explain how taxi fleet insurance works, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

If you have any more questions about taxi fleet insurance, call our dedicated team on 0208 290 9099, or email CM@AnthonyJones.com.

What Does Taxi Fleet Insurance Cover?

Taxi fleet insurance covers taxis for private hire or public hire. The policy will cover every vehicle in your fleet, with a choice of Comprehensive, Fire & Theft, and Third Party Only coverage levels. Most taxi insurance policies include a level of public liability insurance, to cover passengers for any injuries or damages they might sustain when using your services.

Who Does Taxi Fleet Insurance Cover?

Taxi fleet insurance will cover the drivers in your fleet, including any young, inexperienced, or new badge holders you employ. And if any vehicle in your fleet will be driven by more than one driver, your taxi fleet insurance can also include any driver policies.

How Does Taxi Fleet Insurance Work?

Instead of taking out a separate policy for each individual vehicle in your fleet, you instead take out a single policy that covers every vehicle in your fleet. A fleet insurance policy can cover a fleet of minicabs, minibuses, black cabs, or even a mix of vehicles.

With taxi fleet insurance, you’ll have a dedicated account handler and access to a dedicated in-house claims management service, along with 24/7 access to an online self-service portal. So if you ever need to make a claim on your policy, no matter what it is, you’ll only ever have to call one number.

How Many Vehicles Count as a Fleet?

Technically, if you’ve got more than one vehicle, you’ve got a fleet – even if you’ve just got two vehicles. However, you’ll likely find that different insurers will specify a different minimum and maximum amount for the number of vehicles that count as a fleet. For example, our taxi fleet insurance is for fleets that include at least three vehicles.

Why Choose Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance means that your entire fleet of vehicles can be covered by a single policy. This means you’ll be working with a single insurer, so you’ll have a single point of contact. Plus, to make things even easier, you’ll have a single renewal date too.

The alternative will be to take out a separate policy for every vehicle in your fleet. This would make things a lot more complicated and a lot more difficult to manage. It will also likely end up costing you significantly more.

On top of this, a dedicated fleet policy will cover you for specific commercial activities – such as the various risks you, your vehicles, your drivers, and your customers will face on a daily basis. You might not get such specific and wide-ranging cover from individual policies for each vehicle in your fleet.

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Talk to us and we can find you private hire taxi fleet insurance that suits your needs at a competitive price. We can also provide expert risk management advice to help you safeguard your drivers, your vehicles, and your customers.

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