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Single Vehicle Accidents – Don’t Assume Your Car Insurance Will Cover You For Everything!

Jan 15, 2024

We recently published an essential guide to single vehicle accidents – what they are, what causes them, and who might be liable.

Read our introduction to single vehicle accidents.

Towards the end of that post, we highlighted something that many drivers won’t realise until they try and make a claim on their policy. And this is such an important point that we’d like to spell it out, as clearly as possible, once more:

If you’re injured in a single vehicle accident, then you may not be able to claim for your injury on your private car insurance policy.

Why Your Car Insurance Won’t Cover You For Some Personal Injuries

As we mentioned in our previous blog, though there are some exceptions, in most cases the driver is held liable for single vehicle accidents. In a single vehicle accident where the driver’s at fault, and in which no other cars are involved, the driver will not be able to claim for their injuries on their car insurance policy – not even if it’s a comprehensive policy.

Commercial drivers may be able to make a claim for their injuries. But even then, this won’t be covered by their commercial vehicle policy. It will be covered by their Employer’s Liability insurance. This is because accidents in work vehicles are the responsibility of the employer.

How To Avoid This Nightmare Situation

As we mentioned above, if you’re a commercial driver, then your Employer’s Liability insurance policy will probably cover you for any injuries you get in a single vehicle accident, so long as you’re driving for work purposes when the incident takes place.

But if you’re a private driver, or if the incident takes place outside of your role, then you’ll need a separate Personal Accident policy alongside your existing car insurance policy. Don’t assume that your current policy will cover you for everything, even if it is a comprehensive policy.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, we can help you ensure your insurance covers you for all the risks you might face in your life and work. If you have any questions about your cover, or if you’d like some support in finding a policy that works for you, get in touch with our personal insurance specialists on 0208 290 9086, or email personal@anthonyjones.com.


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