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How To Value Pokémon Cards

Jul 10, 2023

Anthony Jones have noticed an uptick in our household insurance buyers having an ever-wider range of collectables. Gone are the days when it was just stamps, coins, records, books, dolls, or memorabilia!

That’s not to say these things are not seen anymore – they are, but we do increasingly see the unusual. Most recently, this was Pokémon cards, and here we look at how to look after and value them. Talk to us about your broader household needs – including collections of whatever is important to you.

How Much Can Pokémon Cards be Worth?

In 2022, a particularly rare Pokémon card sold for over $800,000 at auction, and over $5m in a private sale.

How To Check Your Pokémon Cards’ Value

Just looking at any given Pokémon card can give you an idea of its rarity. So here’s a quick guide to determining the rarity of any Pokémon card in your collection.

Rare Pokémon Cards – What To Look For

  • Diamonds and stars. Every Pokémon card has a small symbol in the bottom right corner. This symbol denotes the card’s rarity. A circle means the card’s common. A diamond means it’s uncommon, and a star means it’s rare. Usually, these symbols are black. But if the symbol’s any other colour, it could mean it’s even rarer. So a card with a gold star is likely to be highly rare, and highly valuable.
  • First edition. If the card’s from the first print run of a particular set, there’ll be a logo saying something like “first edition”, usually to the lower left corner of the card’s main image.
  • Any Pokémon card with shiny or holographic elements is bound to be rarer, and more valuable, than a plain card.
  • Most Pokémon cards have a shadow effect applied to the main artwork. The original run of Base Set Pokémon cards did not. Collectors tend to value these “shadowless” cards higher than almost any other.
  • Special editions. Some Pokémon cards were only ever available as part of special promotions, or as prizes in tournaments. It’s usually possible to identify such a special edition card, as they often feature a special “promo” star or stamp.

Popular Pokémon Cards

Some Pokémon are simply more popular than others. So cards featuring the most popular Pokémon may be highly valued among fans and collectors.

Also, remember that Pokémon cards are not just for collecting. They’re part of an elaborate game with a complex set of rules, and any card that’s going to give a competitive edge in a game is likely to be valuable.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular, and useful, Pokémon cards currently making the rounds.

How to Assess the Condition Your Pokémon Cards In

Look out for scratching, bends, tears, and any signs of sun-fading. Even if you happen to have the rarest card in the world in your collection, it will only sell for its full value if it’s in mint or near-mint condition. Any flaws will only cause it to lose value.

Pokémon Card Values Directory

As with any other collectable item, the value of any given Pokémon card can rise or fall depending on a number of circumstances. But there are specialist online services that can give you an up-to-date idea of just how valuable any card in your collection might be based on current trends.

Take a look at the Poké Card Values site to get started, which also has a handy, regularly updated top 100 of the world’s most valuable cards.

You can also use sites like eBay to keep tabs on what Pokémon cards are selling, and how much they’re selling for. There are also specialist sites, such as TCGPlayer, which act as dedicated online marketplaces for all kinds of collectible cards.

How To Protect Your Pokémon Card Collection

Once you’ve got a good value for your Pokémon card collection, there are a few things you can do to keep it safe:

  • Store your cards in plastic sleeves. This will prevent any bends, tears, and creases, and will help your cards retain whatever value they have.
  • Keep the plastic sleeves in a binder, and keep this binder in a secure, waterproof, and fireproof box.
  • Consider getting a safe to protect your cards from thieves.

Finally, get specialist high value item insurance so that, in the event of fire, theft, flood, damage, or loss, you can get adequate compensation for your loss.

At Anthony Jones, we can help you get the best protection for your most priceless possessions, including your valuable Pokémon cards. For more information, call us on 0208 290 9086 or email Personal@AnthonyJones.com.

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