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    09 Feb, 2017|

    Managing risks within your Fleet business

    A part of any businesses requirements is to effectively manage day to day risk, and particularly work related safety. Zurich, one of our Fleet insurance providers, have written a whitepaper on some of the risks that Fleet, and haulage businesses particularly, may face and how these can be managed.

    Some of the key areas considered in the whitepaper:

    Leadership – why it is fundamental that the leadership and management team demonstrate the risk attitude expected of the entire business and lead by example

    Technology – Some data provided by telematics systems may not be being harnessed effectively to get an insight into driver behaviour risks, in areas such as:

    • Speeding
    • Harsh braking & acceleration
    • Fatigue

    Driver distraction – whilst advances in technology have improved some areas of driver safety, the use of mobile technology is a key cause of driver distraction. Businesses should ensure they have strict procedures in place to manage this whilst confirming these procedures are also complied with

    Vehicle selection – why thought should be given to Advanced Driver Assistance System for vehicles and Autonomous Emergency Braking systems

    Legal vs safe – Complying with laws often means meeting the minimum standards required but the whitepaper considers how going above and beyond these requirements in some areas can result in a safer fleet saving money rather than putting you at a competitive disadvantage

    Training – should not simply be a box ticking exercise but integral to improving driver related safety in the work place

    More information can be found in the full whitepaper from Zurich.