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New report from Public Health England finds e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking

Feb 6, 2018

Public Health England have published a new e-cigarette evidence review today, compiled by independent experts. Its key findings conclude:

  • The risks associated with vaping are very small compared to those of smoking and there are significant health benefits in switching from smoking to vaping
  • At least 20,000 smokers successfully quit each year with the help of e-cigarettes, contributing to an acceleration in the rate of people giving up smoking across the country
  • There is a misconception that vaping is as harmful as smoking; in fact around 40% of smokers have not even tried an e-cigarette
  • Less than 10% of adults realise that most of the harms to health from smoking are not caused by nicotine but by the toxic smoke
  • The use of e-cigarettes in the UK has remained at the same level over the last few years at just under 3 million (6% of the population)
  • The evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are encouraging an increase in smoking among young people (youth smoking rates in the UK continue to decline, regular use is rare and is almost entirely confined to those who have smoked)
  • There are around 79,000 deaths a year in England caused by smoking, with someone admitted to hospital from smoking every minute.

You can read the full report here.

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