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Accidents caused by potholes reaching alarming levels

Feb 11, 2018

The RAC has reported that it was called to 2,830 breakdowns caused by potholes in the road, in the last three months of 2017. This was an 11% rise compared with the same period in 2016. They blame the snow and icy conditions, saying many roads are “hanging in the balance” if the spring is particularly cold or wet.

If a driver hits a pothole they could face hundreds of pounds of damage to their vehicle. Typically, potholes puncture tyres, buckle alloy wheels, damage shocks and struts, cause suspension damage and break components, while also causing breakage to exhaust systems.

The Department of Transport is investing £23 billion for improvements and to increase road capacity. £6 billion of this is earmarked for pothole repair, but local authorities estimate they actually need £12 billion for repairs.

Worst affected parts of the UK

Analysis across the UK has revealed the worst affected counties for potholed roads. These are:

Surrey                          6,712

Hampshire                   3,395

Kent                             3,185

Hertfordshire               3,124

Essex                           2,982

Lancashire                   2,646

Buckinghamshire         2,472

Oxfordshire                  2,329

Cheshire East              2,289

Devon                          2,286

West Sussex                2,106

Cumbria                       1,500

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