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Pothole damage reaches epidemic levels costing £1million a month

May 15, 2018

The AA has reported that repair costs for pothole damage are costing drivers and insurers £1million a month.

It estimates that there have been over 4,200 claims for pothole damage so far this year, at an estimated average claims cost of £1,000. This extrapolates to a total repair bill of £4.2million total or more than £1million a month.

It seems that the situation is only worsening, with the AA also reporting that they believe there have been more pothole related claims in the first 4 months of 2018 than in the total of 2017. Likewise, a recent survey that they carried out indicated that 88% of respondents think roads are in a worse state now than 10 years ago.

We also blogged recently about the significant rise in breakdowns caused by potholes that the RAC were attending.

The Department of Transport has said it is investing £23billion to improve the state of the roads, including a Pothole Action Fund of £296million – enough to fix around 6million potholes.

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