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Fine Art: Protecting when in transit

Oct 4, 2018

Transporting a piece of fine artwork comes with a unique set of risks. In particular the chance of loss or the causing of damage. If you own or work with fine art, consider some of the below areas before your artwork goes into transit.

Document condition

Before a piece of artwork goes into transit, document the condition very careful. This will make it very straightforward to identify if any damage has occurred whilst the artwork was being moved

Adequate protection

Make sure the piece of art is protected with adequate packaging. This will protect from accidental damage such as dropping or knocking.

Use an expert

Experts in fine art logistics will know the correct type of packaging to use so as not to damage the artwork – some types of packaging can themselves cause damage to the art as they trap moisture and cause marks. Experts will also be more likely to have specialist equipment and systems to ensure a smooth ride for the art again minimising any risk of damage.


Many delivery companies and even art transporters do not provide the necessary insurance cover to protect a piece of fine artwork. Compensation given for damage in transit is likely to be minimal too. If you own a piece of fine art it probably goes without saying that you would insure it, but before you transport it ensure that the policy you have in place is the right one and provides the cover needed for art in transit. A good High Net Worth insurance policy should provide you with worldwide All Risks cover and this would include protection when your works of art are in transit.

At Anthony Jones we are a specialist high net worth insurance broker and can work on your behalf to provide personalised insurance to suit your lifestyle. In addition, we can provide risk management advice to ensure possessions stay out of harm’s way. This can include cover for fine art, antiques and other valuable collections.

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