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Fleet Driver Safety: Keeping your business fleet safe

Oct 2, 2018

A key responsibility of being an employer is ensuring the wellbeing of your employees. This is of course true for fleet managers and those working in the fleet industry where employees are likely to be out driving on the road and not always close by for you to offer face to face support. Added to this that their work environment is likely to be a vehicle of some description which come with their own maintenance requirements, it is important that as a fleet manager you give employee safety the necessary attention.

Here are some of the key areas to consider when thinking about how you can best look after your fleet drivers:

Look at your company culture

When it comes to fleet driver safety one of the important things to look at as a fleet manager is your company culture.

Whilst it’s important to meet your business objectives, this shouldn’t be at the expense of your driver’s safety. Put training at the heart of your company and have policies and procedures in place when it comes to the big issues of driving tired and distracted driving.

Make sure your drivers are encouraged to take frequent breaks so that they are well rested and ensure that work schedules are set so as to support this approach. It’s also key that you implement strict bans on use of technology whilst driving – using a mobile at the wheel is a significant cause of accidents.

Don’t underestimate the value of regular training

Make sure all drivers are well trained in your driving related policies and procedures. New employees are likely to be a focus so that you can be certain that they meet your standards and are familiar with your company’s expectations before they start driving your vehicles.

Don’t let experienced drivers fall through the gaps, even if they have been with you for a long time all drivers need retraining on road rules and your companies’ policies from time to time.

Implementing a regular training programme, individual driver risk assessments and having an open communication with your employees will all help you improve employee care.

Regular vehicle maintenance

Ensure that all of your vehicles are well maintained. Carry out checks before all long journeys but also carry out additional seasonal checks to minimise the likelihood of a breakdown. Have vehicles serviced on a regular basis and in line with manufacturers requirements.

Some of the key areas to check include:

Tyre tread
Tyre pressure
Oil levels
Screen wash
Break lights and Headlights
Window wipers

Have the right cover in place

Whilst you can take precautionary steps, sometimes accidents and vehicle issues do happen so make sure you have the right cover in place to cover these eventualities.

Fleet insurance or a specialist Commercial vehicle insurance policy is key to make sure all your vehicles are covered. You can read our recent blog about the importance of having the right insurance for your business here.

Also make sure that you have enough breakdown cover. If you run a fleet of vehicles, then it is best to have a commercial breakdown cover policy which will cover multiple vehicles. Make sure your drivers are aware of the cover and how to access it if they need to make use of it. Ensuring your drives have quick access to breakdown cover will reduce the amount of time they are off the road and out of action.

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